Monday, 27 July 2009

Night Waking

Waking in the night is one of the most common difficulties that beset children. Recent studies looking at the age and stage of children who have difficulty in sustaining sleep show that 25-50% of 6-12month olds, 30% of 1year old children and 15-20% of toddlers 1-3 years old continue to have night wakings.
These night wakings occur for a variety of different reasons but persistent problematic night wakings are often due to inappropriate sleep onset associations. For some these wakings occur as regularly as every 45-90 minutes. This is of great concern to parents who are also deprived of sleep in order to settle the child.
There is often considerable variation in the night to night and week to week patterns and neither infants, nor parents, are consistent in the way they behave and interact at these wake times. Of course what one parent sees as a difficulty another parent or family accept as "normal" so night wakings are seldom addressed in the same fashion across the population.
Children or adolescents who experience persistant night wakings that are extermely disruptive to the family as well as the complainant should be seen by a sleep specialist. There are very effective ways to alter this night waking behaviour and to improve the night sleep.
If you are experiencing this difficulty within your family Contact we can help you to resolve this issue and improve your night sleep.